Copper Wool EXTRA FINE

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Copper wool grade EXTRA FINE is excellent for processing delicate surfaces due to its soft structure. Available in 100 grams, 450 grams and 1 kilo rol.

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Article: EK62004

EAN: 7439647062004

Fine copper wool for polishing chrome and injection molds. Due to its soft structure, copper wool can be applied excellently when working on sensitive surfaces. Copper wool is used in applications where normal steel wool still rubs too much.

150 grams of copper wool is ± 2.50 meters long, 10 cm wide
1000 grams of copper wool is ± 16 meters long, 10 cm wide

Contents 100 g / 450 g / 1 kg
Material E-Cu58
Average wire (μm) 45
HS Code 741810


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