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Fireplace Glass Cleaner

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METALINO Fireplace glass cleaner. The first dry cleaner for every fireplace! The glass panes of a wood-burning stove become clear again. The best way to clean a glass pane is steel wool (without soap). This shows immediate results and you do not have to be afraid of scratches. The glass is resistant to this. Enjoy a crystal-clear glass by cleaning it quickly and easily before lighting. For daily removal of black deposits. Quickly clean the glass window without chemicals, without water and without difficulty. Simply wipe the inside of the fire door and you're done! Often used, proven thousands of times. With this fireplace glass cleaner you obtain absolutely crystal-free results. White haze can burn into the window after a while. Once it is burned in, it can not be removed anymore. Regular cleaning prevents this.

Recommended by chimney sweepers and fireplace sellers.

QUICK - All you have to do is rub the glass with the dry Hearth Glass Cleaner. The elastic surface even removes stubborn soot and dirt effortlessly.
NO SCRATCHING - The Hearth Glass Cleaner is guaranteed to be safe for all glass surfaces of your fireplace.
REUSABLE - Do not wash the Hearth Glass Cleaner. Beat the soot easily and it is ready for use again.

Contents: 2 cleaning sponges 6 x 10 cm

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Contents 2 pcs
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