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Steel Wool 0000 EXTRA FINE

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For cleaning and polishing unpainted metals and waxed wood and for matting wood.

Extra fine steel wool grade 0000 is used for cleaning, cutting and polishing metal and waxing or polishing oiled timber and to remove any water stains from waxed timber. You can also use Metalino steel wool FINE 0000 for matting high gloss wood surfaces.

When polishing metal surfaces, steel wool can be combined with the Autosol Metal Polish. This combination creates a perfect glossy finish with a protective layer so that the perfect shine lastst even longer.

Note: Steel wool is flammable. Steel wool ignites very easily, therefore keep wool away from open flames and do not give steel wool to children.

Contents: 200 grams (about 2 meters long and 9 cm wide about 1 cm thick in loose condition and 3-4 mm thick pressed.)
Packing: Carton

Steel wool 0000 is also available in 5 kg roll.

Did you know that....
0000 steel wool is excellent for steel wool photography (lightpainting)

Technical specifications
Contents 200 grams
Material steel
Measurements ± 9 cm wide and ± 200 cm long
Grade 0000 (extra fine)
Average wire (μm) 3
Heat resistant up to flammable
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