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Cleaning of bicycle, e-bike, mountain bike or racing bike

Every bike needs care to keep it in a good condition. In addition to the regular lubrication also a gentle cleaning is needed. Special cleaners for bicycles makes cleaning much easier. Suitable chain lubricants and long-term sealing protect your bike.

Power Cleaner

A ready-to-use  spray gor the removal of dirt, mud, road dust and grime on mountain bikes, race...


Waterless Cleaner

A quick and easy way to remove light dirt without water. This cleaning agent effectively removes dir...


Long-Term Sealant

Provides a long lasting protection from environmental influences. Suitable for  paint, met...


Spray Wax

This bicycle Spray Wax in a spray bottle gives brilliant gloss to paint, metal and plastic surfaces ...


High Performance Grease

Fully synthetic lubricating grease for optimum lubrication and minimizing wear on bicycle chains. Th...



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