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Matt Paintwork

Matt painted vehicles are trend-setting. The matt effect of matt paint is caused by an uneven structure of the surface, which appears matt due to light dispersion. Choosing the wrong product might polish the surface causing the matt effect to reduce and the paint to appear glossy.
The below products especially attuned to cleaning and care of matt paint.

Matte Paint Care Set

Matt painted vehicles are trend-setting....


Car Shampoo for matte paintwork

Concentrated shampoo specially for manual cleaning of matte paint from cars and motorbikes. The sham...


Stain Remover for Matte Paint

Powerful multifunctional cleaner specially for manual stain removal of grease, dirt. insect residues...


Nano Wax for Matt Paint

Combination of ultramodern, high-tech nanocomponents and high-quality waxes for long-term protection...



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