Flexible Silicone Water Blade

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Flexible Silicone Wiper features a flexible handle and permanently soft silicone blade that follows the contours of all surfaces flawlessly and dries optimally without scratches or streaks.

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Article: EK53019

EAN: 7439647053019

This silicone wiper with flexible handle and soft silicone blade. Follows the contours of all surfaces optimally and dries without streaks. The blade and handle are made of high quality thermoplastic elastomer.  The flexible wiper follows even better strong contours such as car windscreens. Performs optimally under all conditions, even when it is cold. The silicone wiper blade does not dry out and is permanently flexible.

Features and use of the Flexible Silicone Wiper

  • 100% safe and scratch free
  • Streak-free drying
  • Silicone wiper blade
  • Usable on both sides
  • Very flexible
  • High quality
  • Follows contours perfectly

Suitable for car paint, windows, wall tiles, shower door, bath, kitchen, etc.

Material Wiper blade: Flexible silicone handle: TPR, thermoplastic elastomer
Measurements 30 cm x 9 x 3,3 cm

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