Caravan & Camper cleaning

Cleaning the caravan or camper is now easier than ever. The outside of the caravan suffers from the road during the holiday and in the garage. Salty attack of a holiday on the coast, traces of staying under trees, acid rain, sunlight (UV rays), brine, dust, sand. All this causes pollution and aging of the paint layer and on the plastic parts of the caravan or camper. If nothing is done about this, the lacquer layer will lose its protective effect and corrosion can strike.

To prevent this, the caravan must be cleaned regularly and provided with a protective layer. AUTOSOL has developed a pecial product line for the caravan and camper. All products are easy to use and complement each other's operation.

Autosol Car Polish
€ 17.94 Ex Tax: € 14.83

Mild polish for cleaning and polishing painted surfaces. Intense color recovery and maintenance in one operation. Autosol Car Polish removes light scratches and..

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Autosol Interior Cleaner & Odour neutralizer
€ 10.95 Ex Tax: € 9.05

Multifunctional all-purpose cleaner for the entire interior of your vehicle. Cleans plastics, painted surfaces, upholstery, roof coverings and even leather. Eff..

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Autosol Tree Resin Remover
€ 9.95 Ex Tax: € 8.22

Autosol Tree Resin Remover is a specialized cleaning product that removes tree sap, pollen and bird droppings from paint, plastics, metal, windows and convertib..

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Autosol Caravan Rain Streak Remover
€ 11.95 Ex Tax: € 9.88

This caravan rain streek remover from Autosol is a powerful cleaner for removing black stripes on caravans and motorhomes. Also suitable for removing oil, greas..

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Autosol Nano Protection Boat Wax
€ 29.85 Ex Tax: € 24.67

This Boat Wax protects the paint with high-quality nanocomponents and modern polymers, gives a brilliant deep shine and extremely long-lasting protection agains..

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Autosol Acrylic Polish
€ 10.95 Ex Tax: € 9.05

Acrylic Polish is a specialized product to remove scratches from acrylic surfaces as from: Cars, camping vehicles, Motorbikes, Scooters, Boats etc...

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