Motorcycle wash, polish & protect

With Autosol motorcycle care products you can be sure that your bike is maintained with the best quality products available.
Autosol Plastic Bumper & Trim Restorer
€ 10.95 Ex Tax: € 9.05

Autosol Plastic Bumper & Trim Restorer makes weathered and faded plastic parts look like new again. It refreshes the colour and gloss, seals the surface wit..

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Autosol Metal Polish 75 ml
€ 6.95 Ex Tax: € 5.74

Polishing paste for all metalsWith the Autosol Metal Polish, polishing paste with abrasive you will get virtually all metals (including stainless steel) shiny a..

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Autosol Power Aluminium Cleaner
€ 10.95 Ex Tax: € 9.05

Acid-free power cleaner for aluminum surfaces. Removes oil, grease and dirt.This power cleaner is used for cleaning aluminum surfaces, such as the engine block,..

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Autosol Power Stainless Steel Cleaner
€ 10.95 Ex Tax: € 9.05

Dieser säurefreie Kraftreiniger wird für die Reinigung von Edelstahl wie Auspuff, Schalldämpfer, Luftfilter, Felgen, Lenkradteile, Scheinwerfer usw. verwendet. ..

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Autosol Stainless Steel Polish
€ 8.45 Ex Tax: € 6.98

Polishing agent for stainless steelThis stainless steel polishing paste is free of abrasive. It is therefore extremely suitable for cleaning and polishing stain..

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Stainless Steel Care Set
€ 44.95 Ex Tax: € 37.15

Complete set for maintaining all your stainless steel parts.With this Autosol stainless steel maintenance package you have everything you need to clean, maintai..

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Stainless Steel Exhaust Polish Set
€ 36.95 Ex Tax: € 30.54

Repair and polish your blue or brown colored stainless steel exhaust. Three top products from AUTOSOL combined in a cleaning set.With the Autosol Anti Blau remo..

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Autosol Anodised Aluminium Polish
€ 8.95 Ex Tax: € 7.40

This cleaner is suitable for cleaning anodized aluminum parts. Cleans, maintaints and slightly polishes anodized surfaces. The special ingredients of this polis..

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Autosol Scratch remover
€ 7.95 Ex Tax: € 6.57

Autosol Scratch Remover for plastic glas surfaces, for instance rear windows of convertibles, motorcycle helmet visors, displays of mobile phones, watch glasses..

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Autosol Polish for chrome-plated plastics
€ 9.95 Ex Tax: € 8.22

The M1 polish is especially suitable for removing scratches from chromed plastic surfaces. This polishing paste contains a special alpha-aluminum with a minimum..

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Autosol Bluing Remover
€ 17.90 Ex Tax: € 14.79

Easily removes the most stubborn blue / brown deposits from your stainless steel exhaust and brings back the silver-colored shine. Autosol Anti Blau is very ..

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Autosol Showroom Polish
€ 11.95 Ex Tax: € 9.88

Special polish for almost all parts of your motorcycle. Cleans metal, varnished and plastic surfaces and makes them shine like new. Provides the surface with a ..

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Autosol Car Shampoo for matte paintwork
€ 14.50 Ex Tax: € 11.98

Concentrated shampoo specially for manual cleaning of matte paint from cars and motorbikes. The shampoo does not affect any wax layer. Very economical to use.A..

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Autosol Stain Remover for Matte Paint
€ 19.95 Ex Tax: € 16.49

Powerful multifunctional cleaner specially for manual stain removal of grease, dirt. insect residues, bird and spider stains and other dirt on matte paint. It r..

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Autosol Nano Wax for Matt Paint
€ 55.95 Ex Tax: € 46.24

Combination of ultramodern, high-tech nanocomponents and high-quality waxes for long-term protection against environmental influences.The product leaves a film ..

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Autosol Acrylic Polish
€ 10.95 Ex Tax: € 9.05

Acrylic Polish is a specialized product to remove scratches from acrylic surfaces as from: Cars, camping vehicles, Motorbikes, Scooters, Boats etc...

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