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Questions about ordering

As soon as we have received your order we will start to prepare your order. If you order on workdays before 5:00 p.m. we will ship the same workday. In 95% of the cases, your order will be delivered within 3 days. If you order after 17:00, we will pack & ship the next working day.

Custom made products (e.g. steel wool per metre) must be ordered before 15:00.

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Pick up is only possible on weekdays between 10:00 - 16:00 hours. Pick up is only possible in consultation.
You can pay by PIN or cash. We are located in the Netherlands.

Only for companies located in an EU country other than the Netherlands and with a valid European VAT number, it is possible to make VAT 0% purchases through our web store.

  1. At Checkout under "Order type" choose "business" and proceed to step 2.
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PAY ATTENTION! If you, as a Dutch company, enter a VAT and no VAT is charged, you will still have to pay the 21% VAT.

FAQ steel wool

Steel wool is a material made of thin steel filaments that are woven together into a mat or cushion. Most people know steel wool in the form of a scouring sponge. It is also used by woodworkers as a replacement for sandpaper. Steel wool has a number of other uses. Many hardware stores sell steel wool. There are several qualities available for different tasks, ranging from grade fine to coarse.

Steel wool was developed in the 19th century and was originally produced from a waste product known as chips. These chips occur when metal is put on a turning lathe. The metalworkers discovered that the fine fibers of the chips seemed to have interesting properties. They could almost behave like a textile. Presumably they started using steel wool at home, after which other people started using it, creating a demand for commercially produced steel wool.

None. METALINO steel wool is for the Dutch and Belgian market. RAKSO steel wool is for the German market. The only difference is the packaging.

Steel wool is manufactured from special high-quality steel wire. This steel wool consists of pure material, is extremely tear-resistant and extremely elastic. 9 finely graded varieties guarantee perfect results on the most varied surfaces of wood, metal, plastic, stone and glass.

Steel wool is a relatively soft material. The grinding and polishing capacity of steel wool mainly results from the fine metal fibers, which work just like knives. The hardness scale shows the areas in which steel wool carefully grinds, carefully leveling and cleans without scratches.

If kept dry, steel wool can be kept practically unlimited. Only in contact with water or chemicals can steel wool rust. The STAINLESS STEEL WOOL is completely stainless and is used mainly on wet spots, in connection with solvents, on tannic acid wood types and for marble crystallisation. View all stainless steel wool..

Steel wool compared to sandpaper (for indication):

Steel wool 4 3 2 1 0 00 000 0000
Sandpaper 30-40 40-60 60-80 80-120 100-150 150-220 280-320 300-400

That good quality also takes the environment into account, speaks for itself. That's why all our steel wool is environmentally friendly made from pure ores and valuable recycled metals.

After use you can throw it at the rubbish or at the old iron and will be reused without problems. What is not reused will degrade naturally in the course of time.

Only stainless steel wool is suitable for keeping mice and rats away. Normal steel wool will rust and decay quite quickly. The professional pest controllers prefer stainless steel wool MEDIUM.

Read more about steel wool against mice & rats...

We also supply customized stainless steel wool special for dampers, sound insulation, ovens, electrowinning & mining and other industrial applications.

Stainless steel steel wool is resistant to extreme conditions such as heat, moisture, temperature fluctuations. That makes it very interesting for many applications.

All our stainless steel steel wool is made from stainless steel 434 (stainless steel DIN 1.4113) and temperature resistant up to approx. 800 ° C. We can also supply stainless steel steel wool in stainless steel 314 (stainless steel 1.4841) and as HT (stainless steel DIN 1.4762) temperature resistant up to approx. 1200 ° C and non-magnetic (V4A).

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INOX 434

Also referred to as 1.4113 or AISI 434.
INOX 434 is a ferritic stainless steel. Has excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

INOX 314

Also referred to as 1.4841 or AISI 314.
INOX 314 is an austenitic stainless steel. This type has the best heat resistance of all Chromium-Nickel steels. Is completely non-magnetic.

Questions about polishing

Aluminum is a light type of metal that requires special attention when cleaning and polishing. With the aluminum products from AUTOSOL you can polish, polish and clean excellent aluminum. The special products reinforce each other's effect when cleaning, polishing and protecting.

FAQ copper wool

Copper is of a fairly soft metal type. This makes copper wool excellent for polishing delicate surfaces such as chrome. Because of the way copper wool is woven, it gets stuck between the teeth of rodents, making it difficult to move or chew. It is therefore, in addition to stainless steel wool, very suitable for keeping mice and rats away.
Copper wool is available in the grades fine, medium and coarse. Copper wool fine has an average wire thickness of 60 microns (μm), medium of 90 microns (μm) and coarse of 120 microns (μm).

Questions about AUTOSOL

Yes, it is valid on our site. 

A number of AUTOSOL products contain a discount code that can be used on autosol.de. Because EKKSOL is the importer of AUTOSOL for the Benelux, this discount code is also valid in our webshop.