Polishing dull headlights and making them clear again
29 Nov

Polishing dull headlights and making them clear again

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For your own safety it is important that your headlights are clear. Save money by simply polishing the lamps yourself, so that the hood or the entire headlight does not have to be replaced. If you do not have a good view with your headlights, this can be rejected at the MOT inspection.

Polishing dull headlights with a polishing paste may seem a bit strange at first, but one that gives good results on transparent headlights.

Although it is more common with older cars, yellowing of headlights can also occur with cars that are only a few years old. Yellowing can have many causes such as the sun, pollution, dust, etc. One thing is certain, it is both unattractive and unsafe.
By polishing your dull headlights you improve the light transmission because dirt is removed and the glass is polished, which greatly improves visibility.

What is the best way to polish headlights?

For this you use an Autosol Metal Polish tube and a soft (microfiber) cloth or polishing disc for the drill. Apply a small amount of polishing paste to the cloth or polishing disc. Rub the polishing agent in a circular motion. When using a patch wheel, the drill will do this for you, but do not give too much pressure because otherwise too much heat will be created that could cause the plastic to melt. Use a clean, dry cloth to polish the polish to a high gloss.

Polishing dull headlights and making them clear again

The advantage of this method is that you can achieve the same result for a small amount as the professional who charges many tens to hundreds of euros for this.

Polish dull headlights with Metal Polish from AUTOSOL

Watch the video below of a satisfied AUTOSOL user who has polished his headlights and got them clear again.

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