Production steel wool

Our steel wool is manufactured in one of the most modern steel wool factories. A high-quality steel wool from Germany. The strict final control guarantees a constant product quality.

How is steel wool made?

1. The raw material

A high quality steel wire is required for the best and most flexible steel wool. The steel wire is heated, rolled and processed into usable steel wool wire.

2. The steel wool wire

From the wire drawing the very heavy rolls (called coils) with the special wire are put into the steel wool machine and the actual production of steel wool starts.

3. The wire under the knife

The steel wool wire is pulled under the fixed wide blades, made of specially hardened material. The knife can have different ridges. This results in the different types of steel wool. Thousands of fine and ultra-fine threads together form a string of steel wool.

4. Different grades of steel wool

Depending on the diameter of the ridges and distance between the knives, the machine speed and the wire type, the different degrees of steel wool are produced.

5. The final product: steel wool

The end product is a high-quality steel wool suitable for various applications. For the do-it-yourselfer to the professional. View our blog for more (unusual) applications of steel wool.