Removing black streaks from the boat
25 Mar

Removing black streaks from the boat

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The outside of the boat suffers during the boating season and in boat storage. Salt deposits, acid rain, exposure to sunlight (UV rays), dust and sand. All this causes contamination and ageing of the boat's paint and gelcoat parts.

If nothing is done about it, the varnish layer will lose its protective effect and corrosion may occur. To prevent this from happening, the boat should be regularly cleaned properly and a protective coating applied.

Removing these black streaks can become a hell of a job if the right products are not used. One such product is Black Stripe Remover. This product removes black streaks from the boat very easily and is very economical to use.

What to do to prevent black streaks on the boat

Preventing it completely is almost impossible to do. It is important that you protect the surface of the boat well against weather influences. This is best done with a good wax. The wax layer ensures that new black stripes are easier to remove.

Not only for black streaks

An additional advantage is that this product can also be used for cleaning dirty boat windows, fenders and dirty hatches.

Black stripes on the boat
Removing black streaks from the boat
Wiping off the black rain streaks cleaner
The black rain streaks are gone

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