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Steel Wool Disc FINE

Steel Wool Disc FINE - Metalino
Steel Wool Disc FINE

Cleaning and polishing (natural) stone and wooden floors and crystallizing marble. 

This floor disc of fine steel wool 0 is a professional product for cleaning, caring and polishing of many types of stone and wooden floors. Specially made for polishing and polishing (natural glass) floors and to crystallize marble with a mirror-like finish as a result. For a natural stone floor with (light) scratches, we recommend starting with a floor disc medium. Once the scratches have been smoothed out, you can finish the floor with a fine floor disc.
This fine floor disc is also very suitable for removing light scratches, stains and shoe marks from wooden floors. Thick and airy for high absorbency and minimal clogging, very strong and effective, and long lasting because they are knockable and reversible.

Suitable for all common machines. This floor disc cannot be cut to size.

How do I use a steel wool floor disc?

Cleaning natural stone floor

When cleaning natural stone, apply an acid-free cleaning agent to the natural stone and rub it gently with the steel wool. Then dry and see if the stain has disappeared. Repeat the treatment if necessary.

Polishing natural stone floor

When polishing natural stone or polishing matte areas, apply a bit of wax to the steel wool and turn around on the natural stone. Then remove the residue with a dry microfibre cloth or lint-free cloth.

Technical specifications
Contents 1 pc
Measurements diameter 41 cm - thickness: 4 cm (fully compressed ± 9-10 mm)
Grade FINE (0)

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