Truck polishing with AUTOSOL
29 Nov

Truck polishing with AUTOSOL

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A well cared for company car is the calling card of your company. Brushing your truck regularly is therefore important. Autosol is increasingly being used for cleaning truck parts. In addition to the ease of brushing, whether or not in combination with steel wool, the Autosol Metal Polish also leaves a protective layer.

Many truck parts are sensitive to corrosion. Especially the rims, the fuel tank and crates on the truck are the most sensitive to dirt and corrosion and therefore extra protection is a must.

Brushing Alcoa rims

Autosol is excellent for polishing and protecting the commonly used Alcoa rims. The polishing paste contains an abrasive grain based on aluminum oxide and ensures that you get the rims as new. Depending on how weathered your rim is, you will need to perform the treatment 1 or more times.

Polishing the fuel tank of the truck

Polishing the tank of a truck by hand is quite a chore. It is best to first do this by machine and then polish it by hand. The advantage of the polishing agents from Autosol is that you can also use them on a polishing machine. Do not apply too much and press it a little into the polishing wheel. Once the desired result has been achieved, it is best to buff with a terry cloth with some Autosol polishing paste. Buffing with a dry clean cloth will give a beautiful high gloss that is also protected against new corrosion.

You can also use our polishing agents for all other parts on the truck such as chrome mirror and frames, stainless steel storage boxes etc.

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