Marine Industry

Marine Industry
Autosol Metal Polish 75 ml
€ 6.95 Ex Tax: € 5.74

This world-famous winner of international awards is suitable for all metal surface types.

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Autosol Metal Polish 750 ml
€ 38.95 Ex Tax: € 32.19

With the Autosol Metal Polishing Paste with abrasive you will get virtually all metals (including stainless steel) shiny again

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Autosol Metal Polish Liquid
€ 11.95 Ex Tax: € 9.88

Liquid polish for cleaning and care for all metal surfaces.

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Autosol Pickling Agent
€ 12.95 Ex Tax: € 10.70

This new formula combines active chemical ingredients and manual polishing abrasives to remove even the most persistent burns and bluing discoloration from stainless steel welding seams.

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Autosol Airborne Rust Remover
€ 9.95 Ex Tax: € 8.22

Highly concentrated cleaner for removing surface rust / airborn rust from all painted and glass surfaces.

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Autosol Marine Shine 750 ml
€ 39.95 Ex Tax: € 33.02

Highly abrasive cleaning, polishing and rubbing agent for weathered boat surfaces.

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Autosol Metal Wash degreaser
€ 19.95€ 15.96 Ex Tax: € 13.19

Metal Wash is a heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser for cleaning industrial, commercial and marine equipment.

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A99 Industrial Cleaner 1L
€ 10.95 Ex Tax: € 9.05

The extremely strong cleaning power of this alkaline detergent concentrate is specially designed to meet the high requirements of the professional user.

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