Cleaning of bicycle, e-bike, mountain bike or racing bike

Every bike needs care to keep it in a good condition. In addition to the regular lubrication also a gentle cleaning is needed. Special cleaners for bicycles makes cleaning much easier. Suitable chain lubricants and long-term sealing protect your bike.
Autosol Metal Polish 75 ml
€ 6.95 Ex Tax: € 5.74

Polishing paste for all metalsWith the Autosol Metal Polish, polishing paste with abrasive you will get virtually all metals (including stainless steel) shiny a..

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Autosol Bicycle Waterless Cleaner
€ 10.95€ 8.76 Ex Tax: € 7.24

A quick and easy way to remove light dirt without water. This cleaning agent effectively removes dirt, dust and dirt from the road from paint, rubber, plastic a..

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Autosol Bicycle Long-Term Sealant
€ 9.95€ 7.96 Ex Tax: € 6.58

Provides a long lasting protection from environmental influences. Suitable for  paint, metal, plastic and carbon-fibre surfaces...

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