Steel Wool Floor Pads

Whether the job calls for stripping a tough, dirty, paste-wax build-up or buffing a beautiful parquet floor or stone floor to a brilliant luster, steel wool floor pads are the premium solution for floor maintenance.

Common grades and applications

FINE: Cleaning, polishing, crystallizing.
MEDIUM: Cleaning and dry scrubbing.
COARSE: Stripping floors of wax or scrubbing rough floors. Removing paint and varnish. Smoothing and buffing wood floors.

Polish marble with steel wool

Steel wool is ideal for polishing a terrazzo or marble floor.

Steel wool floor discs

Thick and airy for high absorbency and minimal blockages. The fullness and resilience of these hand-wrapped floor discs make it possible to remove the dirt more quickly and provide space in the pad to absorb more.

The floor discs are designed to maintain maximum contact with the surface for a mirror-like finish. The floor disc can be tapped so that it can be used more often to clean, polish or finish almost any type of floor.

And they are reversible for an even longer life.

Why choose steel wool floor pads?

  • Steel wool floor pads possess many features and benefits that make them suitable for use in a wide range of different applications.
  • Time is money. Steel wool floor pads are more absorbent, stronger, and more effective at cleaning the grime off floors than synthetic floor pads so the job can be done more efficiently.
  • When properly used with crystallizers or polishing compounds on marble, granite, travertine and terrazzo floors it is one of the most effective and lowest cost solutions to floor care.
  • Low priced pads are not always better. Synthetics may cost less up front, but it takes several synthetic floor pads to do the job of just one Steel wool floor pad.
  • The quality of the polishing, crystallizing, or stripping is superior with steel wool floor pads. Steel wool pads are made up of thousands of tough steel fibers that provide better contact with the surface at the optimal angle to produce a smoother finish or a mirror-like finish that will make your floor POP!
Steel Wool Disc FINE
€ 17.75 Ex Tax: € 14.67

This floor disc of fine steel wool is a p rofessional product for cleaning, care and polishing of stone and wooden  floors.

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Steel Wool Disc MEDIUM
€ 17.75 Ex Tax: € 14.67

This floor disc of middle fine steel wool is a professional product for cleaning and polishing of stone and wooden floors.

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Steel Wool Disc COARSE
€ 17.75 Ex Tax: € 14.67

This floor disc of coarse steel wool is a professional product for cleaning and polishing of stone and wooden floors.

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Floor Disc Stainless Steel COARSE
€ 27.95 Ex Tax: € 23.10

Steel Wool Floor Pads coarse for polishing cements and concrete floors, sanding and polishing wooden floors. Does not rust!  This floor disc made of fine stainless steel wool is used for polishing cement and concrete floors.

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Steel wool mat braided COARSE
€ 8.75 Ex Tax: € 7.23

Steel wool mat braided COARSE for cleaning of wood, stone, glass and metal.  Compact braided steel wool mats made of coarse steel wool from Rakso for perfect cleaning of heavily soiled wood, stones, glass and metal surfaces.

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Handle steel wool mat
€ 8.95 Ex Tax: € 7.40

Rakso has made this holder especially for the woven steel wool mats. The surface is equipped with thousands of small hooks, so that the steel wool mat stick to the holder. Suitable for both fine and coarse bra

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