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BBQ & Oven Power Pads
€ 4.09€ 3.29 Ex Tax: € 3.29

Powerful cleaning of caked dirt on grill grills of barbeque and oven, baking trays and tongs. Large soap pads for powerful cleaning of caked dirt on grills, gri..

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Windscreen Defrost
€ 7.23€ 4.92 Ex Tax: € 4.92

This defroster quickly removes ice from your windshield. Not harmful to paint, rubber and plastic.Packing: Spray bottleContents: 500 ml..

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Paint Cleaner
€ 10.70€ 7.40 Ex Tax: € 7.40

Cleaning emulsion for all dull, severely weathered, couloured and metallic paints. Micro-fine polishing substances clean dirty paint thoroughly but gently. Gent..

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Autosol Bicycle Long-Term Sealant
€ 8.22€ 6.58 Ex Tax: € 6.58

Provides a long lasting protection from environmental influences. Suitable for  paint, metal, plastic and carbon-fibre surfaces...

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Autosol Boat Polish and Wax
€ 14.79€ 10.70 Ex Tax: € 10.70

This combi polish restores weathered, matt coloured and metallic fi nish paints to a glossy finish, removes the finest scratches and seals the surface with weat..

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