Cleaning a glass pane with steel wool
29 Nov

Cleaning a glass pane with steel wool

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Not only the gas or wood-burning stove itself, but also the glass pane has to be cleaned. Despite the various systems that the manufacturers have developed, all wood-burning stoves do produce soot or a white haze on the windows. The sooner you remove it, the cleaner the window stays in the long term. If you wait too long to remove the white haze, it will burn into the glass and it cannot be removed anymore. The best cleaning agent is steel wool (without soap). Immediate results, and no worries about scratches. The glass is resistant to this.

Metalino Fireplace Glass Cleaner is the perfect dry cleaner for all glass panes. Quickly clean your fireplace or stove window without using other aids or cleaning agents.

It looks like a risky venture, cleaning glass with steel wool. But cleaning your fireplace window with steel wool is absolutely scratch-free! And to further increase the ease of use, Metalino has combined the convenience of steel wool with the comfortable grip of a sponge in a special heater window cleaner.

Advantages of cleaning a glass pane with steel wool

A major advantage of this Gold Award-winning Fireplace Glass Cleaner (with stainless steel surface) is that the window is dry cleaned. Cleaning agent is not required. Simply wipe the soot from the window. For the best result, alternate the brushing movements: from top to bottom, from left to right and make circular movements. With this fireplace glass cleaner you will get a crystal clear result, absolutely scratch-free.

Did it ever happen to you that the firelighters were already lit and you suddenly saw that the windows were not clean? Because there are no chemicals in the Fireplace Glass Cleaner, you can still quickly and safely clean the stove window and optimally enjoy the fire.

Environmentally friendly and cost effective

Certainly not unimportant is the fact that cleaning your stove window with steel wool saves the environment. After all, no chemicals are needed. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the Metalino Fireplace Glass Cleaner is also cost-effective because it can be used over and over again. Knock the soot out of the sponge after use (for example, by tapping it with the steel wool side down against the inside of the sink) and it is ready for the next use. One package contains 2 cleaning sponges of 6 x 10 cm.

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METALINO Fireplace glass cleaner. The first dry cleaner for every fireplace! The glass panes of a wood-burning stove become clear again. The best way to clean a glass pane is steel wool (without soap). This shows immediate results and you do not have to be afraid of scratches. The glass is resistant to this. Enjoy a crystal-clear glass by cleaning it quickly and easily before lighting. For daily removal of black deposits. Quickly clean the glass window without chemicals, without water and without difficulty. Simply wipe the inside of the fire door and you're done! Often used, proven thousands of times. With this fireplace glass cleaner you obtain absolutely crystal-free results. White haze can burn into the window after a while. Once it is burned in, it can not be removed anymore. Regular cleaning prevents this.Recommended by chimney sweepers and fireplace sellers.QUICK - All you have to do is rub the glass with the dry Hearth Glass Cleaner. The elastic surface even removes stubborn soot and dirt effortlessly.NO SCRATCHING - The Hearth Glass Cleaner is guaranteed to be safe for all glass surfaces of your fireplace.REUSABLE - Do not wash the Hearth Glass Cleaner. Beat the soot easily and it is ready for use again.Contents: 2 cleaning sponges 6 x 10 cmThis way you will enjoy a nice clear view of your fire for a longer timeOnly use dry and untreated wood.Place the logs at an angle as far back as possible in the stove.Make sure that the air supply and the air flush of the window are properly adjusted.Use a stove with a capacity appropriate for the area to be heated. Too much power means you will have to smother and that increases the risk of soot on the window...

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