Steel wool applications

Steel wool can be used for many applications such as cleaning, polishing, wood working and industrial applications.
Check out all the different things you can do with steel wool.

6 ways to clean brass

After a while, brass will start to look ugly due to oxidation. Then it is time to polish the brass.

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Polishing chrome with steel wool 0000

Remove rust, stubborn water droplets or even stripes of molten rubber from chrome with steel wool 0000

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Steel wool, a multi-tool in the garden

As soon as the first crocuses bloom, spring is around the corner. It's high time to freshen up the garden furniture. Usually most people use chemicals, but there is another way: Metalino steel wool.

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20 brilliant uses for steel wool

You probably know steel wool from the scourer pads. However, steel wool can be used for many things. Read here 20 brilliant applications of steel wool.

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Steel wool for industrial applications

We supply steel wool special for silencers, sound insulation, ovens and other industrial applications. RVS 434 (INOX DIN 1.4113), RVS 314 (INOX 1.4841) and HT (INOX DIN 1.4762).

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Steel wool uses for furniture restoration

Steel wool is used in furniture restoration to remove dirt and paint residues, sand, polish and finish.

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Cleaning a glass pane with steel wool

Cleaning a glass pane with steel wool is quick, easy, environmentally friendly and economical.

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Steel wool against mice, rats and other rodents

Problems with mice, rats and other rodents in your house? Use stainless steel steel wool to close these gaps and keep vermin out.

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