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10 Sep How to clean & polish pressed metal panels
George 0 156
How to clean & polish pressed metal panels Pressed metal is usually supplied powder coated or in its natural metal state. Aluminium is most commonly used because of its compatibility with modern decor and its rust-resistance. Copper and brass are us..
29 Jun Truck polishing with AUTOSOL
George 0 576
A well cared for company car is the calling card of your company. Brushing your truck regularly is therefore important. Autosol is increasingly being used for cleaning truck parts. In addition to the ease of brushing, whether or not in combination wi..
25 Nov Cleaning a glass pane with steel wool
0 613
Not only the gas or wood-burning stove itself, but also the glass pane has to be cleaned. Despite the various systems that the manufacturers have developed, all wood-burning stoves do produce soot or a white haze on the windows. The sooner you remove..
11 Oct Steel wool photography. Lightpainting with steel wool
George 0 441
Steel wool photography, steel wool burning or also light painting with steel wool can produce spectacular photos with slow shutter speeds. For the best results, use fine steel wool, but expert photographers prefer steel wool 0000. The coarser gradati..
22 Sep Steel wool against mice, rats and other rodents
George 0 755
Mice and rats crawl through tiny cracks and holes to penetrate your house, shed or office building. They make nests in unused corners and can even survive on a few single breadcrumbs or seed remains. You probably do not even realize that there are a ..
31 Aug 45 applications for Autosol Metal Polish
George 0 612
As you probably already know, Autosol Metal Polish is fantastic for automotive and industrial applications. It is also suitable for the plastics industry, because it is very effective in cleaning molds and molds. Autosol Metal Polish is also popular ..
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