How to clean and polish pressed metal panels
29 Nov

How to clean and polish pressed metal panels

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Pressed metal is usually supplied powder coated or in its natural metal state. Aluminium is most commonly used because of its compatibility with a modern decor and its resistance to rust. Copper and brass are occasionally used for a special effect, but generally more difficult to maintain in new condition for a long time.

Tips for cleaning and conservation pressed metal panels

To keep your pressed tin panels in new condition, without too much effort.

Powder coated panels

Regular cleaning with warm water, clean cloth or sponge and a mild detergent is recommended because, like all household surfaces, dirt and dust can accumulate on the surface. Wipe weekly or if necessary.

A quick and easy cleaning solution is Autosol Aluminium Power Cleaner. Spray the power cleaner onto the panel and then wipe it off. Wipe weekly or if necessary. A quick and easy cleaning solution is Autosol Aluminium Power Cleaner. Spray the power cleaner onto the panel and then wipe it off. 

Oxidation may occur over time as a result of normal air pollution. If the surface feels rough and looks dull, a mild metal polish will restore the appearance. Autosol made in Germany is the recommended brand.

Which polishing paste to use? Avoid abrasive polishes on powder coated metal and metal that is shiny and in good condition. Autosol Aluminium Polish or anodised aluminium Polish are recommended.

When the surface is aged and has lost its shine Dursol Shine is recommended. In extreme cases, Autosol Metal Polish can be used on heavily corroded surfaces, but first test on a small area. Treat a small area at a time - rub in, rub off. Do not let the polishing paste dry.

Natural metal finish

When the metal is in its natural state and is made of aluminium, brass or copper, the same advice generally applies as for powder-coated metal surfaces. All six Autosol products can be used on such surfaces, the choice depends on the condition of the surface - Aluminium Power Cleaner, Aluminium Polishing Paste and Anodised Aluminium Polish where the surface is in good condition. Where dullness due to oxidation is obvious, Autosol Metal Polish and Dursol Shine are more effective.

Maintain shine and protection with the least effort by using Autosol Metal Polish Liquid every month. Apply and polish.

Painted or varnished surfaces

This requires more care. Remove the surface dirt as described above. If the paint surface is dull, do not use an abrasive product, otherwise the gloss or matt surface finish may be adversely affected. Autosol Aluminium Polish is recommended.

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