How to remove rust?
17 Dec

How to remove rust?

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Airborn rust or surface rust is rust that occurs when small metal particles end up on surfaces from the outside. The metal particles adhere and rust. Especially in industrial areas, or near railway tracks, fly rust can easily form on cars and boats.

Remove fly rust as soon as possible

If the particles are not removed correctly at an early stage, they penetrate the surface and cause greater damage. Timely and accurate identification of this airborn rust is particularly important in the maritime sector and superyachts. It is particularly important to determine whether the individual rust particles are on the paint or have already been baked into it.

There are many different methods to remove rust particles. Surface cleaning with various chemicals is often carried out. Other options are high-pressure cleaning or rinsing with deionised water. To restore the surface, it can be polished, sealed or lacquered, depending on the damage.

Chemical cleaning

Airborn rust remover is a special product for removing this typical kind of rust from painted surfaces and glass. First thoroughly remove all dirt, sand, dust, etc. from the surface by rinsing it off first or, in the case of cars, washing it with shampoo. Allow the surface to dry and then spray Airborn rust remover on the affected areas. Allow the product to soak for 5 minutes and then clean the surface with a damp sponge.

Currently, Airborn Rust Remover is no longer available in consumer packaging.


If the rust spots cannot be removed with the Airborn rust remover, it is very likely that you are dealing with rust that has come out of the material itself. On metal surfaces Autosol Rust-Ex can offer a solution. It removes heavy corrosion and stains from metal, restores shine and prolongs the life of metal surfaces.